Why we are returning to Patagonia

This is the story as to why we are  returning to Patagonia.


The ‘Tehuelches’ were one of the original peoples of Patagonia.


Tehuelche family


They lived undisturbed for many thousands of years. The ‘tehuelches’ roamed across the landscape of what is now the province of Santa Cruz. The land provided their living and the seasons dictated where and when to travel.

This is one of their stories and the reason why we are returning to Patagonia.

“During one of the many journeys the ‘Tehuelches’ made, in order to leave behind cold hard winters, Koneek, their ancient sorceress of the tribe, felt she could walk no further. They put up a tent for her and gave her what food they could, but not enough to last the winter. Koneek was left their, all be herself, the weather was bitter, the wind harsh, even the birds disappeared and left.

When the spring came, the sorceress accused the birds of leaving her alone and hungry. The birds told her they could not have stayed, as there was no food for them.

Koneek screamed ¬†‘from now on you may stay, I Koneek will be your food and shelter’ and with a roar she and the tent were blown away. Revealed in place of Koneek was a beautiful, thorny bush with yellow flowers, which mature into violet fruit, known as Calafate.


Calafate bush in Patagonia


Since then Koneeks spell makes all who eats the Calafate, come back to Patagonia.”

During our wanderings in the wilds of Patagonia we have eaten the fruit of Calafate, straight off the bush and its lovely.


Calafate bush in Patagonia


Many times we have had the tasty jam for breakfast on warm, home made bread.


Calafate jam on a table in Patagonia


and that’s why we will are returning to Patagonia!






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