South America ranks as THE most important centre for biodiversity on our planet. No other continent has such a wealth of wildlife or such extensive, almost untouched wilderness. It is not surprising therefore that South America contains more birds than any other continent.


We are photographers, film-makers, naturalists and conservationists. Our expedition seeks to explore the biodiversity, particularly the birdlife, of South America.



The redder the region, the higher the biodiversity.
The redder the region, the higher the biodiversity.

ForĀ five years we will be overlanding and 'Living Wild' in the vast landscapes, from Cape Horn to the Caribbean, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We shall be visiting the famous wildlife 'hot-spots' as well as seeking out ones hidden and unknown. We will be visiting schools and organizations, participating in projects. Wherever we go, we will be promoting conservation and inspiring others to do the same.

Andean Condor in flight, Patagonia, Argentina
L Calel -2