Imagine a turquoise river

Imagine a turquoise river, a river as blue as a Pacific lagoon.


The same river, as cobalt blue as the Atlantic, whose waters turn pink at sunset.


With ripples of crimson pointing the way for geese.



Ferry over the Baker river

Imagine a turquoise river, waters fed by a distant glacier.


A sinuous, sapphire scarf wrapping round sandy banks.


The Baker river

Imagine a river whose eddies, gurgles and foaming fury carry kayaks onward to an exhilarating ‘rush’.



Its difficult to imagine that river tamed.  Stilled, quiet and sullen.


That’s what might have happened.  5 mega-dams planned across the Baker river, a wild river gone forever.


Dam the Baker river, dam Patagonia was the cry.


Now it’s saved.


Dam protest poster


Every river has its beauty, but the Baker is more than a river, it’s a magic Magellanic world.


Feeding forests as old as time, Alerce, Coihue and Lenga.


A pristine pearl, born from and protected by, snow capped mountains.


Stop imagining a turquoise river, it’s there and always will be.  Waiting for you to go, in Patagonian Chile.


Magellanic Coihue



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