The Greatest Conservationist that has ever lived

Perhaps,the Greatest Conservationist that has ever lived is the late Douglas Tompkins, founder of the Tompkins Foundation.

He and his wife Kris have worked for twenty years to purchase land in Chile and Argentina.

Many of Patagonia’s best National parks exist because of their tireless efforts.


Doug and Kris Tompkins


The World is be a much, much better place because of them.

On Monday January 29th 2018 Michelle Bachelet, the President of Chile passed into law the last areas of land from the Tompkins Foundation to be new National Parks in Chile – 1 Million acres.


Patagonia National Park, Chile.
Patagonia National Park, Chile

For it’s part, the Chilean government, at the same time, contributed nearly nine million acres of federally owned land.

In total,  the newly designated National Parks are roughly the size of Switzerland.

Forests, Glaciers and natural grasslands preserved for wildlife and the nation.



So yesterday an area of land the size of Switzerland was given to NATURE, given back to the WILD.


Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile


Chile is not a rich country, it ranks 43 in the world.


 “You can gauge a country’s wealth, it’s real wealth, by its commitment to preserving nature.


Thank you Chile.




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