Leathery shadows in the dust

Our eyes strain to see the detail, all that’s visible are leathery shadows in the dust.


The dust separates, momentarily, horsemen appear – and cattle.


Ah ….. Gauchos.




Those indomitable hardened spirits of Argentina.


shadows in the dust


A man, a horse and a dog.

The three linked together, a trio of workmanship that has forged a culture across an endless landscape of dry, rolling grass plains.

A mate in one hand reins in the other.

Leathery shadows in the dust


Gauchos on horse


Wherever we travel across the wild lands of Argentina we meet them, the Gauchos.

Often we hear their dogs first, or is it that the dogs hear us first.



gauchos on horse


Out from the most impenetrable bush he came.

On a  leather armored steed, scattering the scimitar like thorns of the Chaco.

Slung over the horse a dead pig, to meet his waiting friend.


Chaco Gaucho


Always with his ‘facon’ tucked behind his back.




This is the ‘Gaucho’ – this is Argentina –

leathery shadows in the dust.





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