Whats it like living in South America?

Whats it like living in South America?  That is the question we are often asked.


This is a strange question, it might make more sense to ask, whats it like living on the moon.

The reason being that Living in South America is much like living any where on planet earth.

The real answer depends upon ones own personal expectations.

For example we never expected it to snow so much. The very first time we were in South America we were caught out in the snow twice.


Living in South America 1


We never expected to eat so much meat.

We do not eat much meat at home in England, so to be faced with so much meat in cafes, restaurants and at peoples house, surprised us.

We like vegetables and salads, often, they are difficult to find.


Living in South America 2


As for the people.

We were surprised how warm and friendly the people that we meet in Argentina are.

We have had so many experiences of unsolicited kindness.

We once asked a man the way to the nearest bakery, instead he gave us four loaves of bread.

Another time we camped close to where the warden of a National Park lived and he asked if he could do our washing for us and then asked us to stay for a meal.



living in South America 3


We are conservationists and wildlife photographers and we like to share our enthusiasm for wildlife.

In a world, where wilderness and nature is disappearing so quickly, it is important to teach younger generations about the importance of nature and the many good reasons to protect it.

In South America we have easy access into schools and colleges to talk to the kids about nature.

They love it, we love it and the teachers love it, we give out free nature information, such as posters.

You cannot do that in the UK.


Living in South America 4


Of course the wildlife is different.

Every day is exciting for us.

We see new birds, new flowers, new insects.

Every day is an adventure, we feel like kids again ourselves.

Whats it like living in South America? ¬†That’s what its like, for us.


Living in South America 5


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