Rare photograph of the Hooded Grebe courtship

This is a rare photograph of the Hooded Grebe courtship, one of the Worlds rarest birds.

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Hooded Grebe courtship


The Living Wild photography team of Paula and Michael Webster spent some months last year in the wilds of Patagonia.

Their mission was to track down a breeding colony of the critically rare Hooded Grebe and to film its courtship behavior, never previously filmed.



The Hooded Grebe is one of the worlds rarest birds. It is seldom seen as it spends the winter on the cold and wild sea Atlantic coast of Argentina. Its summer breeding grounds are the inaccessible windswept plateaus close to the Andean mountains.


With great help from the Hooded Grebe research team, under the auspices of Aves Argentinas, the Birdlife partner in Argentina.The first complete photographic and film record of the courtship display was obtained.


To see the complete courtship display please watch the film TANGO IN THE WIND





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