A great place to go bird watching

A great place to go birdwatching in Argentina is Puerto Deseado on the Atlantic coast.


Puerto Deseado is positioned about 1500km south of Buenos Aires, or 500 km south of Puerto Madryn. A  long drive from almost anywhere, but the roads are quite good.

If you have limited time you can fly and that’s the best way to reach the area.

Unfortunately we cannot recommend the hotels, they are expensive and the service awful.  Instead hire a cottage or apartment, there are many to choose from. The town has a number of excellent shops, where fresh bread and tasty cakes can easily be purchased, there is a supermarket as well as a few restaurants.


Map of Puerto Deseado estuary


The delightful town has a rich maritime history and a good museum.  A place where stevedores and fishermen rub shoulders with wildlife tourists.

Puerto Deseado lies at the mouth of the river that carries its name.The  river starts life beneath the towering peaks of the Andes and then meanders its way hundreds of kilometers across the Patagonian plains. The nutrient filled waters of the river discharge into a beautiful wide estuary, characterized by flooded valleys and small offshore islands, typical of a landscape where the sea level rose eons ago.



Deseado estuary


Most visitors come for the birdlife and this really is spectacular.  There are several companies that operate boats that visit the estuary and the offshore Islands.


Rock Cormorant


We would recommend Darwin Expeditions.  We have visited the town twice and used them on many occasions and every time their service, politeness and expertise has been exemplary.


Darwin Expeditions


One important word of caution. If its just the birds you want to see, check the weather conditions ahead of time or give Darwin Expeditions a ring. This is Patagonia and Patagonia has fickle weather.

If you are a photographer, choose a time when the tides are high and of course the breeding season from November to March is the best.

For families this is an idea destination. No one can fail to enjoy seeing the Magellanic Penguins.


Children and Magellanic Penguin


The boats are rigid inflatables which are comfortable, secure and safe for photographic equipment. There are two cruises to choose from, both very different.  Firstly into the estuary, around some small islands and alongside cliffs.

Darwin expeditions boat


The second cruise is out to Isla Pinguino.  This is a full day outing, but worth it, a bird paradise and one of the few places in South America where you can see the Rockhopper Penguin.


Pinguino island

Experiences like this are what make Puerto Deseado a great place to go bird watching.


Rockhopper Penguin


Rockhopper penguin in breeding plumage.


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