Honeymoon butterflies

Newly-weds Pamela and Paul visited the mighty Iguazu waterfalls for their honeymoon, but they didn’t expect honeymoon butterflies.

Neither did they expect to meet Paula and I.


P and P-1


Pamela and Paul were both keen photographers, so we had plenty to talk about.

The Iguazu waterfalls are magnificent, the landscape and the thunderous noise of the water assails every sense.




In such a place it’s not easy to be alert to nature’s smaller creatures, but butterflies are special.

These airborne jewels bedazzle and beguile and Pamela was captivated, these were good ‘Honeymoon Butterflies’.


P -1


Butterfles are delicate, fragile and a kaleidoscope of colour, but in nature all things are connected.

Butterflies help pollinate the flowers and trees close to the river. The trees will flourish , protect and cleanse the flowing river and the water is necessary for everyone.


These are the best honeymoon butterflies.


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