The thieves of Iguazu

The thieves of Iguazu lie in wait for people who visit the wonderful waterfalls that straddle the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Waterfalls 1-1

The thieves of Iguazu are furry and cute looking, they are Coatis and they are thieves.



Their ploy is wait, concealed in the undergrowth around the visitor trails, until they see a group of people.  When the people are close, a couple of animals will appear and often the visitors are delighted to see them, children ‘coo‘ and adults ‘ahh‘.


Close to restaurants, cafes and sitting areas, the visitors may get from their bags some food or buy a drink and a snack at the cafe and that’s what the thieves of Iguazu have been waiting for, they pounce.


Coati 1-1

With the sounds from the rustling of paper or the opening of a bag, the Coatis rush from their concealment. Ten or more of the animals will surround the people, inspecting bags, jumping onto the backs of chairs or the tops of tables, even climbing onto prams.  The Coatis are after food and they are crafty thieves.


Coati 2-1


So, if you visit the Iguazu waterfalls, which are absolutely, stunningly beautiful, please no not feed and animals.

If you have children do not allow them to walk around with Ice creams or a bag of sweets as the Coatis will try to steal it.


Waterfall 4-1


That way you will enjoy your visit to one of the great natural wonders of the World.



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