Large soft eyes make a female blush

Large soft eyes make a female blush.

But for frogs they are not intended to.

They need them as they don’t have flexible necks and as their eyes protrude, giving them almost 360 degree vision, so the eyes seem huge compared to the size of the animal.

Don’t underestimate frogs, they can see in colour and can see the smallest of movements.


Sapo de Monte-1

This frog is called Alsodes montanus and lives in the fresh unpolluted streams flowing down the western slopes of the Andes, where the surrounding vegetation is Mediterranean scrub.



central chile-1


The ‘Living Wild in South America’ expedition into Chile found the frog, an example of the rare wildlife to be found in the central part of the country.

Unfortunately the species is threatened. Central Chile is where the majority of the population live and many streams are polluted.



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