South Americas second biggest bird

South Americas second biggest bird in is the Jabiru, a huge stork like bird.

They are a common wetland bird in the Pantanal, which is where most birdwatchers see them in South America.


Jabiru 2-1


Paula and I have seen them in a number of locations in Northern Argentina but nowhere more numerous than in the Banado La Estrella in Northern Formosa province.


Jabiru 1-1


Banado La Estrella is a vast marshland which has seasonal inundations when the river Pilcomajo bursts its banks. During the very hot summer the water dries out and its at those times that many fish lie stranded and die.

That’s the time when the Jabiru clean up the thousands of rotting fish, doing a great job of ridding the environment of harmful bacteria and the potential for disease.




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