Screamer of a bird

The Southern Screamer is a real screamer of a bird and found only in South America.

It looks like a goose and its closest living relative is the Australian Magpie goose.  This is not surprising as millions of years ago the continents of Australia and South America were joined.

For the nature and wildlife lover the Ibera Marshes in the Corrientes province of Argentina, is a ‘must go ‘ location. As for birds, there are over 300 species and birdwatchers flock to the area to see them.


S Screamer head-1

Southern Screamers have huge feet and can swim well. We found them fairly common in the Ibera Marshes of Argentina.


Southern Screamers in territorial dispute.Ibera Marshes, Argentina.

This image shows a territorial display, the birds love having control of a tree, bush or prominent perch from which they can emit their loud and penetrating call, an emblematic and evocative sound of the marsh a true Screamer of a bird. (Click on Screamer to hear it for yourself!)

Many travel companies operate tours to Ibera. For the specialist wildlife photographer or birdwatcher these tours can be linked to other notable places to visit. Ibera marshes are in the NE of Argentina and so is the internationally famous Iguacu Falls, which is further NE on the border with Brazil. Between the two lie the Atlantic rain forests, one of the most threatened forest environments in the world and full of endemic wildlife.  You can fly from Buenos Aires to Posadas and hire a car for yourself or use a local tour company.

The Northern access point to Ibera is from Ituzaingo.  This is a delightful town and is the base for Turismo Diversidad , an English speaking tour company which specialises in wildlife and bird tours.




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